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Ford Tractor Paint Colors

The Following is a collection of notes for now:

  • Carl Davis Confirms from 1948 to 1957 tractors were Blood Red.  1958 to 1962 They switched to Orange Red Color

Ron and Don Church always give me a hard time about not using GOOD paint on my restorations so starting with the 4000 and 641 restorations I switched from Tractor Supply Enamel to PPG Shop-line JE Acrylic Enamel.  Our Local PPG Dealer is:

1st Choice Auto Paint & Supply
3727 Kenilworth Blvd.
Sebring, Fl. 33870
Phone 863-314-4424 or 863-314-9838

They provided mixing instruction for the Primer and Paint.  Paint color codes are as follows:

8N Red

01 Series Red/Orange Gray Blue
PPG ShopLine

PPG ShopLine
Special Mix:
600 Parts - 70704
J92 - 5.0
J54 - 230.0
PPG ShopLine

PPG ShopLine


The part numbers for the material are:

Part Number

JAEA Gallon 12908/Blue
JH6002 Pint Hardner Acrylic Enamel
JP202 Gallon 2K Primer Surface
JH301 Quart 2K Undercoat Hardner
JT501 Gallon General Purpose Solvent (For Clean Up)
JR507 Gallon Slow Reducer


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