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10/23/2008 - 10/27/2008

Don Church comes to town and with my long time buddy Chuck Piper we were able to get a batch of old sheet metal looking better than new.

We had quite a time at the paint store trying the get the correct color red but a few calls to fellow FFCA members Rodger Elwood and Doug Norman produced the correct paint formula. 

PPG ShopLine Paint Codes:

8N Red

01 Series Red/Orange Gray
PPG ShopLine

PPG ShopLine
Special Mic:
600 Parts - 70704
J92 - 5.0
J54 - 230.0
PPG ShopLine


 Let me tell you something about Don Church.  Ok we'll keep it clean here.  HE CAN PAINT !!!


When He came back to town 2/22/2009 for the flywheeler's show we painted the chassis.  He sure got into his work.


Here's some painting tips:

  • The paint I used gets mixed 8 to 1 and the primer is 4 to 1

  • Paint store recommends gun with 1.8 nozzle for Primer and 1.4 for paint

  • Bondo then sand with 36grit - 80grit - 180 grit
    Prime then sand with 180grit dry - 320grit wet
    Prime then sand with 500grit wet
    Paint Color

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