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1952 8N Ser. 496487 (Mark Hendershot)

Ser. # EW58078194

Paint Colors

Red: Tractor Supply Gray: New Holland
  New Holland Red   Ford Gray



This is a late 1952 tractor and has the following distinguishing characteristics:

  • Front tie rod ends with longer stud, castle nut and cotter pin.

  • Spindle arms with additional clearance for the castle nut above the axle.

  • Lube hole on the front of the upper column between the steering wheel and dash board of the steering box.

  • Transmission housing has larger bulge on the left rear side to allow for a larger gear to lower the reverse gear ratio. 

  • Upper rear lift arms with more rectangular cross section shape. 

Elenco 4w Drive Notes

  • Serial numbers are as follows:
    Axle: EW58078194
    Torque limiter: 59035186

  • The Elenco 4W drive kit was purchased from Dan Simecek in 2005. Missing parts were drive shaft, drive coupler/sprocket, Nut & Bushing Assy.(4054), PTO Spool, Reinforcement jack assy. ( 1300)

  • The Front Axle was restored by my friend Chuck Piper and "RED".  Since the Axle is actually a 3/4 Ton Power Wagon parts were readily available.

  • All Power Wagon parts including drive shaft were purchased from:
    Vintage Power Wagons
    302 South 7th Street
    Fairfield, Iowa 52556

  • Elenco Parts were purchased from Tony's Tractor Parts (Elenco):
    Tony's tractor Parts
    252 Crane Hill Rd.
    Wilbraham, Ma 01095
    (413) 267-5087

  • Drive Ratio and Tire Selection assistance was provided by Tony Jacobs and "Red".
    Rear Axle Ratio 6.66  

    Front Axle Ratio 4.89

    Chain Ratio (Pinion coupler 19 tooth) (Transfer case 17 tooth)
    Tire Recommendation:
    Front - Firestone 8x16 All Traction Field & Road (Purchased from m.e. Miller tire www.millertire.com 800-621-1955)
    Rear -Firestone 11.2x28 Field & Road (Purchased from my local Firestone dealer to avoid shipping cost)

  • Assemble notes:
    - The 8N center axle (4 hole) was replaced with one from a Ford 600 (5 hole) to allow the Elenco unit to bolt up without modification.  We need to add about 3/8 of shim material between the 600 axle and Elenco to get needed clearance for the axle support.
    - The replacement Power Wagon Drive shaft needed to be shortened to fit properly.
    - The left side running board front support bracket was cut to provide required drive shaft clearance.  The inside hole remains to provide needed support for running board.
    - The running board was cut to provide required drive shaft clearance.  The remaining outside running board tab would be supported later by the PTO shaft cover.
    - A PTO shaft cover was fabricated.
    - The clutch peddle was modified by adding a riser to allow needed  throw since the PTO shaft cover would otherwise be in the way.
    - A drive sprocket was removed from an 800 series drive coupler and welded to our 8N Coupler with special care to ensure that it is aligned with the sprocket in the transfer case.
    - The PTO shifter handle needed to be relocated since the Elenco Transfer Case and chain/sprocket need this space.  The Nut & Bushing Assy.(4054) and  PTO Spool purchased from Tony Jacobs were used to relocate the PTO to a location near the front  left side of the center case.  This location is the same as 800 and 800 series conversions.  The exact location at first seems to be difficult to determine, however, once you get past the emotion it's really not hard to identify.  First the PTO shifter handle and linkage need to be removed from the old side cover plate. The existing PTO shifter spool and shaft need to be cut to allow clearance for the sprocket added to the drive coupling.  We cut ours short with only 1/8 inch exposed with the shifter in the front most position.  With the spool now removed we installed the new spool on the front of the shaft in place of the original nut and washer.  I suspect you could cut the old spool from the shaft and thread it but we were lucky enough to have the correct one.  The new spool needed to be trimmed because it bumped the transmission bearing retainer before the PTO detent engaged in the forward position.  Once the PTO shifter is reinstalled the exact location of the center case hole can be identified. Since the shifter is being moved forward on the same horizontal plane just measure from the top of the center housing down to the center of the old cover plate.  The flat surface of the center housing where the lift cover sits is a perfect reference since it extends all the way to the front of the case and is parallel to the drive line and PTO shifter shaft.  Next with the PTO shifter in the center of it's throw measure from the rear of the transmission casting to the center of the PTO Shifter spool.  Mark this spot on the outside of the case and drill a small pilot hole then drill the hole to 1" size. Grind the outside of the case level around the hole to allow the bushing to seat properly.  Install The Nut & Bushing Assy.(4054) in the hole loosely then place the shifter linkage through the bushing along with a 5/8 collar, o-ring and machine washer purchased separately. Use silicone to seal the bushing where it seats with the casting. Push the shifter linkage firmly into the spool and tighten the setscrew on the 5/8 collar to provide retention in this position.
    - Install Reinforcement jack assy. between the two sides of the center case to ensure torque from the chain and transfer to not collapse the case under heavy load.


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