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1959 641-D  Ser. 57429
with Ford 703 Loader

Paint Colors

PPG ShopLine
 Special Mic:
 600 Parts - 70704
 J92 - 5.0
 J54 - 230.0
Gray: PPG ShopLine



641-D with 703 loader from Arcadia Florida
Purchased Locally on 11/2006

Tractor gets wheels and tires from the 4000.  Wheel weights from Don Church  finally give me the traction I need to work in the Florida Sand.
My work tractor is now becoming another show tractor thanks to Don Church.  The paint is so nice I don't want to reinstall the loader on it.

08/29/2009 at Lake Placid Caladium Festival

09/2/2009 Running after Restoration

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